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Adult Match is designed voor gebruik op alle apparaten, zodat je direct en overal een match kan vinden met andere members. Met meer dan 400.000 members, kan je waar je ook bent een playmate vinden.Proponents of dating claim that traditional courtship wrongly places a parent between an adult child and God.Unfortunately, modern parenting ideas limit parental involvement in the lives of teenage and adult children.Particularly in the area of dating, parental input is unwelcome.In preparation for marriage, He intends that the wisdom and discernment of concerned parents be used to guide young adults in the selection of a mate.

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The profiles are set up using templates that feature randomly-chosen values from a preset database.

With such bad fruit born from our "hands-off" approach to parenting, it would seem a bit shortsighted to suggest the modern Church is more enlightened in its freeing children from parental "interference." According to our Savior, a tree is known by its fruit, The tragic results of modern dating demand that we cease criticism of our godly predecessors and instead, look to them for wisdom.

They, obviously, understood the parenting role better than we do.

"After all," they reason, "they are adults, with their own walks with Christ.

They are the ones marrying, so they should have the chance to develop their own romantic relationships without parental intrusion.

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