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It was like doing theatre, which is where I started my career, so I felt at ease.

I read with Richard Dean Anderson [Colonel Jack O'Neill] and he was great.

For Samantha Carter being a scientist as well as a captain in the United States Air Force can sometimes be akin to walking a tightrope.

As a member of the first of nine top secret military (SG) units assigned to explore other planets via portal called a Stargate, Carter constantly juggles her personal beliefs and professional obligations.

"One of my favourite first season episodes is Solitudes in which Jack and Sam are stuck on a glacier.

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While this is certainly impressive the captain has taken greater risks and faced far more perilous situations during her trips through the Stargate.

Because of this our [Stargate]team has become more cohesive and I think Sam's a better person for it.

I'm constantly striving to keep her interesting not only to the audience but to myself as well." Despite her extensive work in the theatre as well as in front of the camera Tapping held out little hope of getting the part of Samantha Carter.

I told them that it was important to me that she have a sense of humour and they've started to develop that side of her personality more.

"I also feel that my character has changed simply by virtue of the fact that the relationships among the show's four major characters have grown.

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