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Since its inception in 2012, the EOH youth job creation initiative, in partnership with sector education and training authorities, has created job opportunities for over 3 500 learners and interns.

EOH will continue to invest time and money sharing best practice on the implementation of the programme with its clients and technology partners.

Growth will be organic, complemented with strategic acquisitions.

EOH’s foray into Africa will accelerate through the increase of its in-country presence, partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions.

Founded in 1996 by Ellman Chanakira, TTCS has focused on implementing business solutions (as well as IT infrastructure) across Africa and the Middle East.

TTCS has an unrivalled track record of delivering complex IT solutions across a broad range of large public and private sector organisations and enterprises in Africa.

TTCS has received numerous awards and accolades from global enterprise solution providers for the quality and content of the solutions it delivers.

All areas of EOH’s business operations have grown, with the revenue from services being the most significant revenue generator – up by more than R1 billion to R3.4 billion, which is 73% of total revenue.

Cash resources increased to R1 466 million, positioning EOH well for investments in new territories, products, services and industries.

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