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-He also seems to value education over any amount of popularity.-When it comes to clothing, he prefers usefulness over appearance. If he's used to getting girls easily, then what makes you any different?-The next time you meet at the mall, don't accept his offer for ice cream. ) -When you make a wish for Derek, wish that he gets good grades. -When you have to guess who Alistair is, guess whoever you feel like. ) Shiro Walkthrough: -You need at least 51 intelligence, 36 network rep, and 17 social rep to win him.-To get Shiro's bonus after story, you need at least 56 affection and the book on Greek History.

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-When you go to his place to work on the project, ask about his family. -Do a lot of work on your project so you get a really good grade.-He's really a nice guy at heart, so being nice is a good thing. Shiro Hints: -Seeing as he seems to care a lot about his grades, maybe you can guess what his more important stat is? -When it comes to looks, he prefers sexy and mature. General: -In order to get a guy's bonus ending, you need to raise affection and buy a certain item.-Shiro has a preference for Asian-inspired things including cute clothing. -If he's got any secrets on his computer, they're probably locked away, so don't bother. -If you know what matters most to him, then wish for something that will make him happy. Affection is an invisible stat that increases with spending time, buying items, and making the right choices when you speak with them. If you buy the fashion he likes, he might like you more, even if he doesn't say so. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, check the FAQ. -Each of the guys prefers a different style of clothing.

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